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 Short Sword, Medium Sword, Trident, Spear, Staff
Attack Style:
Not much is known about Leonia's heritage, only that her farther was a fire priest and her mother a blood mage. Leonia had a very particular skill set, she was able to communicate with the surrounding elementals to request their aid, and at the same time use sacrificial magic to send undead creatures instantly back to the under world. It was said that Leonia was good friends with the evil Emperor Gregnor's daughter, and that she travelled to Sabuk after the war to delivery the news... The Bichon Council sent a scout to Mongchon to track down and offer Leonia a place on the Council as a representative of Mongchon, she supposedly declined and that was the last any of the heroes heard from her, although mages with similar skill sets have been emerging from Monchon ever since.
Wizards deliver an unrivalled amount of massive damage, inflicting wide spread areas of enemies at once. Because wizards focus their energy on learning and mastering large scale attacks, their pound for pound combat and defence is neglected.

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