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 Short Sword, Medium Sword, Long Sword, Axe, Mace
Attack Style:
Xelilian, master of sword play and high guard of Bichon delivered the finishing blow in the great war for Bichon. When the war for Bichon had concluded, Xelilian (who had almost lost his life) decided to spend more time with his family and gave up his position as High Guardsman of Bichon and accepted an offer on the Bichon Council to represent the province of Bichon. Xelilian's first point of action on the very first meeting of the newly formed Bichon Council was to generate a new training re-scheme that he him self would write and deliver to the Bichon Guard. In Xelilian's time he had obtained the skill to inflict two power blows at once, infuse his blade with the flames of Leonia and even distribute damage to surrounding foes, all of which would greatly aid the Bichon Guard.
Warriors are able to conjure up increased strength and defence and inflict single points of close ranged intense damage, or evenly distributed surrounding damage, their faults are with their heavy armours and weapons, that disable them from being able to natural attack with speed.

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