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 Tao Village
 Short Sword, Medium Sword, Polearm, Fan
Attack Style:
 Physical and Spiritual
 Melee and Ranged
Verilla the high priestess of tao village was said to have been touched by grace as a child, and grew up with powers that allowed her to heal and detect when others had been hurt. As Verilla grew so did her powers, she became renowned not only for her beauty, but also her kind touch in helping all of those around her, she had been gifted with the ability to increase her companions defensive and offensive attributes, as well as summoning holy beings to aid her in time of peril. In Verilla's later years she returned to tao village and opened a school of Taoism, teaching young apprentices the way of grace and how they to can conjure the ability to support others.
Taoists have a kind and gentle touch, which allows them to sooth pain and manifest life from death, however, because they focus on supporting others, they lack sufficient training to allow them to inflict significant damage.

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