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Gregnor, with the warning of the oracles in the back of his mind, decided to leave Castle Bichon until last; he conquered a small village in the southern east part of the Bichon region, a trading town to the south west and the sacred temple of the taoists to the north before reaching the eastern gate of the Great Bichon Castle.

The Bichon council had caught word of Gregnor's plan of ultimate power and had dispatched six of its best scouts on top of six of its fastest horses, in an attempt to gather the lands greatest heroes. Days passed and the scouts returned shortly followed by some of the Heroes of Bichon. First to arrive was the great warrior Xelilian who was said to have stood six foot, eight inches and held a blade so big that it took three scouts to place in the armoury. Leonia, the most renowned and respected sorcerer in Bichon, would arrive second, followed Verilla, who's beauty far out weighed her fame (and her fame was vast!). Finally Krixten, (an assassin from the guild of thieves) would arrive on the day of the great war for Mir.

Gregnor, despite warning, charged the eastern gate of Bichon Castle. The war for Bichon would last four long days, and the Bichon Guard were able defeat copious amounts of Gregnor's army, without the aid of the Heroes of Bichon. On the fourth day of battle, Gregnor had only a handful of men by his side and in his desperation would unleash a terrible evil upon the land of Mir, forever plaguing it with horror.

Gregnor made a blood sacrifice to the lord of the underworld and pleaded with the Demonic King to provide him with a means of defeating his enemy. Gregnor offered up his soul and the souls of his remaining men and the demon transformed them into horrific monsters. Gregnor, now a Warlord of Orcs would cry out, beckoning Orcs from across the land to Castle Bichon's gates, similar beckons were performed by members of Gregnor's army, calling out to Woomas, Numas and Minitors. With an army of devilish monsters at his disposal, Gregnor would lay waste to the Bichon Guard in an afternoon.

The Heroes of Bichon could wait no longer, if they did not stand and fight, Bichon would be lost to an evil warlord with a lust for power. The final fight had begun for Castle Bichon, four heroes against an army of monsters and the odds did not look in their favour, but the heroes were swift and righteous with their justice, depleting a large number of Gregnors hoard in minutes. Gregnor enraged by his eminiate defeat, launched himself into battle with the mighty Xelilian, the two stood evenly matched for a large portion of time, but, Gregnor and his new found infinite stamina out lasted the human limitations of Xelilian... Xelilian fell, and Gregnor raised his mighty sword above his head for the final blow... At this moment, a fifth hero Athellis would appear in the distance, he would retract his mighty bow, and rain a shower of deadly arrows over the monstrous army, this distraction provided Verilla enough time to heal Xelilian and for Leonia to infuse his blade with fire... Xelilian, back on his feet and a sword of flames in his grasp, delivered the final blow to Gregnor.
Since the day of the great battle of Bichon, the Heroes of Bichon and the Bichon Guard have been recruiting men and women to fight the remaining evil presence surrounding Mir; it was decided that no one man should be the ruler of any of the provinces in Mir, and the Bichon Council would consist of a chosen person to represent each province.

During the rebuild, Bichon Castle was expanded to house the families of the brave men and women who fought in the Bichon Guard, a moat was dug around the outer wall as an extra security measure in case anyone would try to breach the castle once again. Although the land of Mir would never be peaceful again, heroes would travel from all over the globe to receive the training of the Guard and join forces as the Protectors of Mir; to this day, the protectors fight back evil, ever fearful that Gregnor and the Demon King will return and once again plague the land with pain and suffering... Thus the Legend of Mir continues...
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