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What is the Legend of Mir

The Legend of Mir is a 2D isometric Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that is set in an ancient fantasy civalisation

You play as one of five heroes who engage in open world player vs player (PvP) to smite down the righteous or lay retribution among the villains, as well as to explore temples and caves, battle with a variety of vicious monsters, and win back the land of Mir from an evil horde of monsters, demons and creatures.

The Story of Mir Chronicles

The territory known as Mir was once a peaceful region to live in, it consisted of two provinces (Mongchon and Sabuk) which were separated by a great wall. People would travel far and wide to the region of Mir, mainly for agricultural and black smithery reasons, however, the most popular attraction to the region was to visit and pay respect to the Mirian Royal family that inhabited the great Sabuk Castle.

The emperor (Emperor Viktoth) was a great caring man, who loved his land and all of those who resided within it; parents would tell their children of fantastic stories of the great Emperor, describing him as a hero who fort an evil onslaught of enlarged Centipedes and brought peace to the region. Once a week on a Sunday, Emperor Viktoth would stand on the edge of the Sabuk Wall holding a mighty blade and greet the people that had come to visit the family; the crowds would roar and cheer at the site of the Royal family, and there would be joyous parties held in their name.

Unfortunately... with age, the once loved emperor became very ill, some believe that his son Gregnor was directly responsible for the timely death of his father and had been slowly poisoning him for years, but, never the less, the one true emperor had died and the people mourned his death greatly.

Gregnor was a vicious and greedy young man who had no limitation to his own ambition, for him, simply being beloved by the inhabitants of two major cities was not enough, he had to rule, and he desired power on a much larger scale than that of the current size of Mir.

Sometime had past since the death of Emperor Viktoth and within this time Gregnor had formed an army of 80,000 strong, his plan was to systematically take over each surrounding region, enslaving it's people into his army and laying waste to anyone who would oppose him. Gregnor had be warned by the Sabuk oracles that his conquest would not go as he planned, and that the Heroes of Bichon would stand against him at the eastern gate of the Great Castle Bichon... Gregnor (inflated with ego) ignored their warning and a few days later marched his giant army into the region of Serpents.

On the march toward the Village of Serpents, Gregnor's army stumbled across a large convoy of miners and merchants who had been trading in ore, these were no warriors and they were certainly no threat to Gregnor's massive army, yet Gregnor allowed his men to trap these poor souls in their mining cavern and had his sorcerers cast a terrible spell upon them which would make them crave the taste of human flesh... It was also said that Gregnor was responsible for similar acts in other regions.
Upon arrival of the Village of Serpents, Gregnor's men were met with a wall of barbarians, lead by their current chief Saddoom. War had begun, and although Sadoom's barbarians were great warriors, they lacked proper training and structure, and for this reason they fell... Saddoom would be the last of the Serpent Barbarians standing, and Gregnor would strike him down using the very sword his farther used to protect people with.

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