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Mir Chronicles submerges you into ancient china as a highly trained elite warrior to aid in the continuous battle against an evil plague that has swept the land for the last 50 years.

Along your travels you will meet new people, make friends, form guilds and collect a range of skills and items that will aid you in your battle against a variety of evil creatures that span across multiple temples and caves.

Mir Chronicles uses the most up to date and well developed AceM2 V2 Engine to provide a rich 32-bit Mir experience with never before seen hunting grounds, monsters and skills.

Choose from one of six professions including the first European appearance of the Archer class and the only European server with the newly created Monk class. Explore temples and caves, battle with a variety of vicious monsters, and win back the land of Mir.

Play your role in a brand new quest system with a modern edge, providing tons of quests for new to advanced players, including a main story line and side cave quests, as well as quests we have all known and loved for years.

Engross yourself in open world pvp, smite down the righteous or lay retribution among the villains, battle other players for bosses, wage wars against rival guilds over multiple terrains such as icey peaks, fiery dungeons, dark and deadly temples or baron waste lands. March with your clan upon the gates of Sabuk Wall against others guilds in legendary battles to take control of the castle and become the supreme guild.
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  • Legend of Mir Chronicles 2015
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