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Legend of Mir Chronicles Interface
See below for a description linking to each aspect of the above interface:

Key Name Shortcut Description
1 Bug report N/a Opens up the bug section on the forum for ease of access bug reporting.
2 Health pool N/a Displays your characters current health, if this drops to zero your character will fall uncontentious.
3 Mana pool N/a Displays your characters current mana, mana is used to cast spells.
4 Map name and Cords N/a Displays the name of the map and coordinates that your character is currently on.
5 Reject nearby chat N/a Turn off local chat so you are unable to see what others are saying.
6 Reject whisper N/a Turn off whispers so you are unable to receive private messages.
7 Reject shouts N/a Turn off shouts so you are unable to see wide area messages.
8 Reject guild messages N/a Turn off guild messages so you are unable to see guild chat.
9 Reject group messages N/a Turn off group messages so you are unable to see group chat.
10 Mini map V Toggle the mini maps size and visibility.
11 Trade T Initialise a trading session with another player.
12 Guild G Open the guilds interface.
13 Group P Open the group interface.
14 Friend W Open the friend interface.
15 Ranking N/a Open the ranking interface.
16 Mount M Climb onto your horse, tiger or wolf.
17 Chat bar N/a The chat bar is used to communicate with other players.
18 Quick belt N/a The quick belt contains six slots for fast use (e.g. health potions).
19 Log out Alt + X Log out to the character select screen.
20 Exit game Alt + Q Exit and close the game client.
21 Emoticon N/a Displays a number of different emoticons to choose.
22 Character F10 or C Displays your character and equipment interface.
23 Inventory F9 or I Displays your characters bag interface.
24 Magic F11 or S Displays your characters magic and skills interface.
25 Sound N/a Toggles the in game sounds and music on and off.
26 Quest Q Displays your characters quest interface.
27 Options F12 Displays your clients options interface.
28 Mail E Displays your characters mail interface.
29 Level N/a Displays your characters current level.
30 Attack mode N/a Displays your characters current attack mode.
31 Experience N/a Displays your characters current experience and progression to the next level.
32 Weight N/a Displays your characters current bag weight.
33 Server time N/a Displays the current time on the server.
34 Game shop N/a Displays the game shop interface.
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