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Legend of Mir Chronicles Archer
 Woomyon Woods
 Bow and Arrows
Attack Style:
The first Archer to to be classified as a Hero of Mir was Athellis, who had been a key player in the victory of the great war for Bichon. After the war Athellis recruited a band of brothers and migrated to the woods of Woomyon where he and his men trained recruits who had shown potential to become great marksmen. Equipped with flawless bows and deadly arrows Archers are capable of dealing single points of intense damage to ranged enemies. With additional accuracy and intense training, archers are capable of delivering deadly head shots that inflict their opponents with critical damage.
Archers are capable of harnessing the spiritual essence that surrounds the woodland into powerful shots known as spirit bombs, in addition Sorcerers are able to teach Archers how to summon powerful elements and infuse the power of ice, thunder or fire into the tip of a deadly arrow.

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